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Connected Dots

Posted in META by Audrey Tran on November 15, 2009

The author of my favorite blog, Dot Earth, recently added a new feature  to the site that highlights “constructive commentary” from frequent readers who “prefer to stand publicly behind what they say.”  Endearingly, Andy Revkin has named this feature Your Dot.

The gesture recalls a “commandment” from another favorite writer of mine, media critic Jay Rosen. According to Rosen’s commandment no. 4,those pinpointed by Your Dot would be “the people formerly known as the audience,” a.k.a. those who now live in the era of Web 2.0 and create media and disseminate knowledge instead of only consuming it.

My Full Disclosure: Revkin’s Dot Earth inspired the title of this blog.  Actually to be more specific, it was something Revkin said during a talk at NYU that inspired the title. He had been speaking to journalism students on covering science in the new media landscape, and someone asked a question about the origin of his blog’s title.  Revkin then pointed to the astronomer, Carl Sagan, and the wonderful, delicate, famous  phrase Sagan used to describe Earth as a “pale blue dot.” Although I didn’t remember Sagan’s name after the lecture, the words he used stayed with me for a long time.