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Eco-Chic…..a Guest Post from Yvonne Tran

Posted in Guest Writing by Audrey Tran on April 23, 2009

With increasing awareness of green being good, fashionistas don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for environmentally friendly fashion. I’ve always been put off by the idea of eco-fashion. Usually when I hear the term, I envision dull shades of brown and beige outdoors wear. But today there are many vibrant options. Even the big fashion power players are participating in the green movement.


Barney's Windows on Madison Ave.

Beginning April 13 through April 27, Barneys New York is partnering with Loomstate to hold a t-shirt recycling drive. You can drop off old t-shirts at all Barneys New York stores around the country and get 20% off all Loomstate items. 1% of proceeds made during this time will be donated to environmental organizations around the world.

Loomstate is a New York City based brand dedicated to creating demand for certified organic cotton using socially and environmentally responsible methods of production. With Loomstate, you don’t have to sacrificing fashion to be eco-friend. Tres Eco-Chic!


Another company I’d like to plug as eco-chic is EnviroSax. Instead of carrying those not so cute grocery store reusable shopping bags, invest in an EnviroSax (whatever the singular form is…). These bags come in a huge selection of styles to suit your taste and for as low as $7.95 a bag, they’re very affordable.


One of the most recognizable fashion houses, Louis Vuitton, hired Gas Design Group to design green exteriors (literally) for some of their existing boutiques.


“This is wonderful because everything Louis Vuitton does gets knocked off instantly. Soon all of Canal Street in New York, Spadina Avenue in Toronto, countless cheap shopping streets around the world will sport green living facades.”
This is one knock off I’d go for!

Yvonne Tran is a business analyst for ALaS Consulting. She also lives and works in New York. I asked my sister to make a post about Eco Fashion after she sent me a scathing/thoughtful critique of