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Once More to Bushwick

Posted in Spaces & Environments by Audrey Tran on November 13, 2010



The road sign on Bogart Street is twisted so that part of the name is missing, and from one angle, one seems to be approaching a place called, “ART St.” That had been one of the first sights I came across about a year ago when visiting Bushwick during the 2009 BETA Spaces Festival. At the time, I had been new to the area and sights like this came off as especially welcoming. I felt at home.  Now, I regularly trample through this community for shows and talks, and I look forward to annual events like the BETA Spaces Festival, which arrives this Sunday.

Over 50 group exhibitions will open from Noon until 7PM.  Some will appear in the usual gallery setting and a number of others will spring up in unexpected spaces.  See the map and a complete list of shows. writes of a greater  emphasis on alternative spaces in this year’s festival. Stephen TRAUX highlighted Marni KOTAK’s show, Welcome to My House as one promising example.

L Magazine also decided to spotlight 10 BETA shows.

Here’s a sampling of exhibits that might attract the green minded, art-enthusiast:

CONVERGENCE, a group exhibit organized by Lumenhouse.  See additional images of the show on the AIB BETA directory.

AMERICAN GARBAGE at the Loom. More details here.

Chris Harding’s INTRUDER at English Kills Gallery.

In addition to these visual events, I’m excited for the afternoon panel, “Artists on the Block.” Artist, Laura Braslow will moderate a discussion on the impact of the art community’s effects on the Bushwick landscape.

The photo above comes from Sparkle Motion, a show from the 2009 BETA festival. It was an exhibit creatively stationed in a well-decorated, saucy U-HAUL. Another Sparkle Motion should be on view this year too.





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