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A Note that Sticks Around

Posted in Uncategorized by Audrey Tran on November 4, 2009

post-it[1]What you see before you is a 5-business day old Post-it note, which out lives 99% of the sticky slips I consume during my day job.  Recently, I decided to try using this one over and over until it becomes completely filled and dysfunctional.  Although I already have an idea of what that must look like, I am curious to see just how long this task can be kept up. Along the way, I’ll document and update you with the progress.

It must be noted, though, that I still constantly use several post-it notes during work to effectively communicate with co-workers and label documents.  Still, there’s always some small task I’m finding each day that doesn’t require the use of an entire sticky note.

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  1. jue said, on December 14, 2009 at 5:49 PM

    haha, this reminds me that i actually have an entire wall covered with post-its like this at my day job. some are falling off, other parts are 3-4 post-its thick. frankly, i don’t really read any of them for any functional purpose…

  2. […] This next picture documents the sticky note around its younger days: […]

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