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Twists and Tangles: Roxy Paine’s MAELSTROM

Posted in Uncategorized by Audrey Tran on August 30, 2009

One of the pieces I’m most excited about this summer is Roxy Paine’s 130 feet long, 29 feet high sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art–a tangle of twisting steel branches situated on top of the museum.  Embarrassingly, I must note that I have yet to see the piece, but I’ve read reviews of it in several publications and posts, each of which made me feel guilty for still not getting out sooner to experience Paine’s Maelstrom. Luckily for me, the piece will be on display until October.

According to NY Times’ Ken Johnson’s thoughts on this piece, Paine’s view of nature is unique in the the plethora of artwork that involves the environment because  “nature, in Mr. Paine’s universe, is not always beneficent.” I’m looking forward to seeing the contours and outlines of the piece from a distance, as Johnson describes, and sensing the natural left overs of a storm. But then upon closely approaching the cold steel branches, I’ll look for the “Frankenstein monster” Johnson sees.