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Plants and Mammals

Posted in Exhibits by Audrey Tran on April 18, 2009


Here’s a new show for those who enjoy subtle poetics.  

Recently, Carol Bove and Janine Lariviere have been working together on artwork involving our perception of the plant world, and just last Wednesday night,they opened an elegant show at the New York Horticulture Society.  

For these artists, flowers tell us more than we typically expect.  In her artist statement, Bove says “Flowers are shaped by many forces.  They reflect commerce, taste, intellectual labor, fashion, customs, human emotional life…the living expression of social forces and social experience.”  

 Lariviere sees the daffodil as one particular plant that embodies those “many forces” Bove  is speaking about.  These yellow flowers from Lariviere’s garden have an unnatural existence as they are cultivated by humans as commonly as “poodles and pugs” are bred according to consumer preferences.  

plants_mamalsTo those who make it to this show, pay special attention to the delicate net hanging among the first four of Bove’s sculptures.  Its simplicity might make this piece an easy one to pass as I did the first time, but after a closer look at the material, I found it to be one of my favorites of the night.

Like past works by Bove, her pieces in this show have a way of suggesting a human presence.  I’m amazed at how this happens because there’s nothing particularly human about peacock feathers, concrete, driftwood, or netting, but the feeling does resinate in between the sculptures, making the show more than a contemplation about plants.  



BOVE NY Horticulture Society

Lariviere and Bove, NY Horticulture Society

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  1. thehanalog said, on April 20, 2009 at 9:23 PM

    beautiful words to describe a beautiful show! i loooove carol bove… sigh.

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