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Sculpture Magazine’s “Nature and Culture” articles in the May ’09 issue

Posted in Reviews in Print by Audrey Tran on April 14, 2009

To get some great insight and beautiful writing on how a few contemporary artists are working with the natural world, take a look at the May issue of Sculpture Magazine. This monthly spotlights different approaches to  nature through works by Jaehyo Lee, Chris Drury, Darrell Petit, Shawn Skabelund and Fritz Haeg (He’s the creator of Edible Estates). Each of these artists gives a different vibe and character to green issues. I have a lot to learn from the writers covering/ interviewing these artists.

The magazine has been really helpful for someone like me who only recently started studying this kind of art because it allows me to see a range of approaches outside of pioneer figures like Agnes Denes, Andy Goldsworthy, and Mark Dion.

My only criticism falls on the letter “From the Chairman” heading the issue. Instead of addressing the writing in this magazine, Josh Kanter used his column space to talk about the “seemingly unanimous outcry when any visual arts organization contemplates or implements the sale of a major work of art to bolster the financial position of the organization.” While I agree with his message and am glad someone is vocalizing this concern, I wish he had saved the words for an online post somewhere else. It just seems that an entire issue dedicated to such a thorough concentration deserves some recognition from the chairman.

In any case, the magazine should be out now.


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  1. Josh mille said, on February 10, 2010 at 6:33 PM

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    • audreyktran said, on February 11, 2010 at 2:19 AM

      Hey Josh,

      You can make changes to this menu by hitting “Edit Profile,” and then “links”. This will enable you to add new friends or resource websites. I do like to organize my own label by titling everyone I link to. It can be an interesting way to comment too. I used to have a category called “Necessary Evils” and I would link to John Tierney’s T-Lab blog (he’s a global warming skeptic).

      The “Edit Links” feature allows you to also change the name of your categories.

      To bring up your Twitter/ the tag cloud you have to select these features from your theme. Click on Appearance (“Links” and “Appearance” sit on the Left hand side of the wordpress profile) and then your selected theme will pop up. Mine is called “Journalist #.#” and then select “widgets” under your theme at the top of the screen. This will give you options and you just click and drag the menu items you want to the right hand menu bar. Items appearing on the right hand side will appear on your blog.

      I hope this helps. Good luck with your blogging! Looks like a very informative blog you’ve got there. If you have more questions like, email me at

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