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Open Call for Actions

Posted in Uncategorized by Audrey Tran on March 21, 2009

poundstoneLast night, I went to the opening of On the Ideal of Permeable Barriers,which features four shows at Art in General. Here’s a piece by artist Virginia Poundstone (I picked up lucky NO. 139 . out of an edition of 300).  According to the press release provided by the gallery, viewers take away these flickers, which are modeled after party favorites for confetti.  Following the directions on the packaging, viewers are asked to choose any site with exposed dirt and sprinkle seeds .  This piece leaves the final product of the artwork in the hands of the viewer, not the artist. In a sense, it makes the owner of the flicker a bit of an activist too.  Poundstone’s ideas straddle the line between art and activism, and right now, that seems like a positive thing.  

I’m definitely planning to make use of my flicker and document the site before the flower sprinkles and then after.  Any suggestions for a place in NY that needs a flower bed?

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  2. […] few weeks ago, I picked up Virginia Poundstone’s flower flicker multiple  from a show at Art in General.  The piece asks participants to pick a site of exposed dirt and […]

  3. Hiroshi Sunairi said, on April 19, 2009 at 10:55 PM

    Nice Project! It is inspiring for me. It is very poetic and instantly I can visualize the kind of scene it can create, but very dreamy one and beautiful one. I love art when it enable you to dream. This one seems to do that well.

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