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In Full Bloom

Posted in Exhibition Reviews by Audrey Tran on February 8, 2009

Tyler Rollins Fine Art is now showing a series of flower portraits by Ron Agam, who sees this work as a “call for attention,” to the Earth.  Agam created large portraits of face-like flowers that recall the grandeur of Bloomingdales windows.  There’s some therapy here too, in these silent pictures.  If anyone is tired of the moving, endlessly blinking sights we see all over the city and at home, he/she should have a look at these photos.

Still, I’m looking for something more.  Agam’s work had this WOW effect on me, and I appreciate that meditation he offers, but Agam fall into a category of artists who have used nature in a similar fashion countless times before. Although we need this concern and we need others to feel the same, I hope the we don’t stop here.  I hope we’ll find new ways to communicate nature through art.

However, I do appreciate this show in other senses. The visit to Tyler Rollins was  a reminder that the image online is not at all the image in the gallery. You must see these pieces in person to understand that specific magnificence  from the color, curves, and graceful folds of each flower.

The show runs till 27 Feb. 2009.

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